marvin gaye
what;s going on?

what goes better with art than music?

besides wine, that is

dj jazzy getz
johnny cash
i killed a man in reno just to watch him die
jack white
i’m lonely (but i ain’t that lonely yet)
debbie harry
dreaming is free
robert smith
boys don’t cry
dolly parton
why’d you com in here lookin’ like that?
i want Your disease
the doors
la woman
blasting our way through the boundaries of hell 
iggy pop
lust for life
amy winehouse
amy, amy, amy
kurt cobain
i feel stupid and contagious
courtney love
when i wakeup in my makeup
the red hot chili peppers
true men don’t
black sabbath
poisoning their brainwashed minds
siouxsie sioux
your former glories
billy joel
only the good die young
ian curtis
dave grohl
praise dave
ween - the boognish
the boognish | ween